Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Think positive Challenge

There is a challenge going around where we are asked to post 3 positive things we are thankful for 7 days. Because I live with Bipolar disorder I try to do a daily evaluation everyday to find the positive so that I do not become overtaken by the depression. I decided that I would not only do this challenge on my facebook but also wanted to share today's post here on my blog.  #1- I am thankful for my husband , who is a great father, a great listener, a great provider, my best friend. He is my partner, he makes me smile when I am down. He is supportive and kind and helpful. He is a hard worker. He never leaves in the morning without telling me he loves me. He helps me to see things from another prospective. We do not always agree but our differences in opinion about some things make us better parents and make our family unit stronger. I am thankful for everything he is and everything we are together #2- I am thankful for our home. I love waking up and being able to sit on the deck with my morning coffee, listening to the roosters crowing and the birds chirping, I am thankful to be in the mountains and far from the hustle and bustle and stresses of city life. I am thankful for people who love the city life but I am not one of them. my mom, I am thankful for everything that has to do with my mom. She taught us family values, that family comes first and that no matter what we are there for each other, family members mess up and sometimes let us down but they also lift us up and show us what is truly important in life. She taught us that sometimes people make mistakes, she taught us that no one is perfect, she taught us that everyone has their own reasons for the things they do and to try to see it from their point of view even if we do not agree with them. My mom is always available for me to talk to, to share the happy and the sad and anger, the fears and my dreams with. I am thankful for the strength she gives me just by listening. I am not going to nominate anyone else for this challenge but instead ask all my friends to reflect on what they are thankful for not everyday for 7 days but everyday that they open their eyes. There is so much pain and hurt and hate in this world that really thinking everyday about the positive things can help to get through the negative.

030   this picture was taken at Long Pond just around the corner from my home and it is my positive picture for today Smile

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